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Fake id and passport

It depends upon the quality of the printers you have access to and the quality of machinery that they have access to. Passports are far easier to counterfeit than say many types of currency.

Most intelligence agencies can simply have the same printers who create legitimate passports make passports for their agents. They are, after all, the same government. They would likely run these run these “special passports” at a certain time (after regular employees have gone home) and also make certain that the printers who made them received some type of security vetting.

As far as buying passports in the streets, this would be much more difficult. Most countries have their passports created by specific printers in areas outside of their nation. They then ship the passport back to the country which is requesting the order. You could conceivably buy a false passport from an ID broker, but you run the risk that a sharp-eyed customs inspector would notice that it was a fake and detain you.

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